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There is an ongoing debate regarding which method of disinfection application is more effective – wipes or spray bottles and paper towel. In this article, we will outline four reasons as to why disinfecting wipes should be your first choice over a paper towel and spray bottle.



When applying disinfectant solution through a trigger spray bottle , most people will grab 3 or 4 sheets of paper towel, spray the surface 4 or 5 times, and then immediately use the towels to wipe the surface off until it is clean and dry. You may not see an issue with this, but the problem is that for a disinfectant to effectively kill germs and bacteria, it must come into contact with the germs for a prescribed period of time, also known as the “Dwell Time”, to ensure that the solution has had the chance to effectively disinfect the surface. By using paper towels to quickly wipe the spray off the surface, you are simply removing all the germ-fighting action before the disinfectant gets a chance to fully work.

On the other hand, disinfectant Wipes allow you optimize your cleaning process by removing any debris off the surface, while simultaneously disinfecting in one singular motion. As the pre-saturated wipe glides over the surface, it cleans the surface while evenly distributing the correct amount of disinfectant solution and leaving a thin layer of liquid on the surface to dry naturally and kill germs and bacteria in the process.



When using a spray to moisten the surface and a paper towel for drying, is is common to overuse both the spray and the towel. With this cleaning method, people tend to use up more product than necessary. The process of disinfection would be accomplished in a much more cost effective way with only one Roxton disinfectant wipe, especially since our Wet Wipes are specially manufactured to be more durable than the rest. Our wipes are made with an extra thick embossed substrate, meaning that one wipe alone will go the distance and cover much more surface than the typical spray and wipe method. It’s all in the math – wipes win.


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