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What is your welding torch power?

When choosing a mig welding torch for our equipment, one of the most important factors is the power of the gun, or what is the same, the maximum intensity of use that it can endure.


Most manufacturers use the maximum intensity of use as a reference when selecting the right torch, but this reference should be understood only as that, a reference. The intensity in real circumstances will be notably lower for the following reasons.


When you think of the dangers of welding, the usual suspects immediately come to mind: In addition to obvious things like harmful UV radiation during arc welding, sparks and welding spatter, or even hazards from electrical current, there are also the invisible dangers of welding, for example, by inhaling harmful welding fumes.


There are multiple ways to protect the welder from all these hazards: Wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) when welding is considered a matter of course and protects the skin and, above all, the eyes from radiation and injuries caused by welding spatter and flying sparks. Fume extraction torches, ventilated welding helmets or fume extraction systems can filter toxic welding fumes from the air and thus protect the welder's respiratory organs.


But how can welders protect themselves in the long term against damage to their musculoskeletal system? What helps against permanently tense muscles, signs of fatigue and back pain?


An often underestimated aspect of welding is the tig welding torch itself!


Unhandy, heavy torches, which are not ergonomically adapted to the work processes, make the daily work for welders more difficult. Often long seams have to be welded without stopping and the heavy hose assembly is dragged behind or has to be lifted into the correct position.


Or when welding is done in an overhead position. Every welder knows what we are talking about: The welding material drips, the muscles are aching, the back hurts and the weight of the welding torch including the hose assembly quickly becomes a burden.


The hose assembly in particular is an important factor when it comes to weight reduction. Lightweight hose assemblies can weigh 30-50% less than a regular hose assembly, which has a significant effect. Of course, you shouldn't skimp on the material inside, because the plasma welding torch still has to be just as powerful as before.


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