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What is interlocking bricks?

In general, the construction process and masonry are difficult, time-consuming and expensive. Different types of construction methods are considered and developed to overcome the difficulties and problems encountered during construction. At the same time, the materials and equipment used for construction are also fabricated to improve the quality of construction and reduce time and cost. One such breakthrough in the construction industry is interlocking blocks.


Interlocking bricks are an improved form of traditional clay bricks. Each brick is designed to seal itself to other surrounding bricks without the use of mortar. Automatic locking is achieved using the Shear key and the lock mechanism. Depending on the design, the shape of the shear key will vary and provide a complimentary lock on the opposite side of the brick. Load transfer is achieved by shear transfer and gravity.


Interlocking blocks are compacted and stabilized earth bricks, which contribute to the strength of the structure. They are not usually packed. Interlock bricks come in different sizes and locking systems depending on the supplier.

How are Interlocking Bricks made?

High-quality interlocking bricks are made of cement, sand and Stone dust mixed together in appropriate proportions. The required materials are batched and mixed proportionately. Once the required mix is prepared, it is then compressed to form bricks with desirable interlocking patterns. The compression is achieved by using a hydraulic compression system. The bricks are then subjected to curing for about 7 days.

High-quality interlocking bricks are mixed together in appropriate proportions by cement, sand and stone dust. The required ingredients are compiled and mixed in proportion. Once the required composition is prepared, it is compressed to form bricks with desirable interlocking shapes. Compression can be achieved by using a hydraulic compression system. Then the bricks are cured for about 7 days.

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