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What Gaming Chairs do Pros Use?

You may wonder if they use these pro gaming chairs for the sole purpose of appeal or if they serve any other purpose as well. TO answer that in brief, they sure serve a purpose beyond fancy looks. Even though these chairs add up to great overall aesthetics, they are beneficial for long hours of gaming, competing in a gaming competition, and daily long streaming sessions as they are designed ergonomically. They reduce the stress your back and arms take so when you game for long hours; your body does not take a toll.

Streamers and professional gamers often have to sit in the same chair for hours every day, and as we all have experienced, we go from a straight sitting position to a reclined one within the first hour. This can cause backache and shoulder pain in the short term; in the long term, it can cause permanent back problems, muscle damage etc. And when your main job is to sit in the same position every day for hours, like that of streamers, then it can start affecting your body pretty quickly.

A good seat is a racing essential, but there is a lot to know if you want to pick the right seat. This buyer’s guide is meant to help you get started, answering your questions to make sure you are making the right purchase. There are a lot of options, after all, and in the end, you need to make sure you’re asking yourself the right questions.

The chair has 20 years of innovation put behind it, making it one of the most comfortable. It has refined tilt mechanism, adjustable Posture Fit SL, and 8Z Pellicle suspension. You have 3D armrest support for your arms. Aeron is not a one size fit all, so it comes in three different sizes.

One thing you might notice is that it does not have lumbar support, that is because the ergonomics are so advanced that you don’t need one. It does not come with all flashy racing colors but with a mesh on the back which makes long hours of sitting comfortably on your back as well as skin. So, if you are someone who likes to keep their set up minimal and but does not like to give up on comfort, then Aeron is the chair for you. Check our detailed Herman Miller Aeron Review before deciding if it’s best for you.

If you have more questions about racing seats that haven’t been addressed, feel free to comment, and we’ll add your answer to this guide when we can.

When and why is a racing seat recommended?

A racing seat is recommended in a track setting, particularly in a car that isn’t used on the road. Any dedicated racecar should be fitted with a racing seat. A racing seat is meant to hold the driver in place. This increases driver control, providing a better grip on the steering wheel and better foot placement on the pedals. Better driver control means faster laps.

Racing seats are about safety. They are meant to protect you in the event of a crash. A good racing seat can prevent or lessen injuries, and even save your life. Sanctioning bodies require specific standards when it comes to the racing seat you use in your car for just this reason.

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