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The Leather Knife Roll Designed by a Chef

You can tell a lot about a chef from their knife roll. Unfortunately, from what we hear often, finding a high quality knife roll to protect chefs’ knives doesn’t seem like such an easy task. That’s probably why this beautiful leather knife roll has got so many chefs excited.
Called the “perfect storage tool” by Food & Wine, the beautiful piece of kit is part of a collaboration between an award-winning chef, an artisan blacksmith and some outdoor gear craftsmen.

“Durability, balance and comfort” were the three key attributes that chef Chris Hastings (Hot and Hot Fish Club and OvenBird) looked to incorporate in the leather knife roll, and working together with Radcliffe Menge, the founder of Tom Beckbe, Alabama-based outdoor apparel company, they came up with the perfect piece of gear for professional chefs.

It comes in a full-grain vegetable tanned leather that is durable and elegant, and it is functional with space for 18 knives and eight additional pieces of hardware. Adjustable shoulder straps make this high quality roll bag comfortable and ergonomic.
The key feature of the knife roll is that it is balanced – knives are placed on both sides so the blades cross over one another in opposing pockets. A three-part interior flap system and two exterior belts make sure knives are secure.If you want to fill up your new leather knife roll with a set of equally good-looking knives - and have US$2,499 to spare - check out the limited edition chef knives also available on their website. Hastings and Menge teamed up with Will Manning, the blacksmith of Tennessee knife brand Heartwood Forge, who created the set that includes three knives - an elongated paring knife, a traditional chef’s knife and a cleaver-like knife that Menge calls the Butcher’s Haste.

Most slitter blades feature a beveled edge for optimal cutting power. A beveled edge allows a blade to slit material instead of creating standard cuts. When a slitting knife has the primary purpose of making punctures, it will have teeth. These teeth create smaller slits in progression, such as the ones found on tear-off paper products. Our sales engineers can help you determine which blade solution will work best for your application.

At York Saw & Knife, we manufacture all of our slitter blades in-house. As an original equipment manufacturer, you’ll appreciate our competitive prices and fast turnaround times that allow you to maximize your profits. If you get our blades as an end-user, we will listen to your needs to design a personalized solution. We consider your business goals our business goals.


Our slitter blades can slit a wide range of materials, including:

Paper: A slitting blade can create slits and perforations in paper for a variety of purposes. For example, a toothed slitter blade can create a tear-off line for tear-away paper products.

Corrugated products: Corrugated products such as fiberboard and cardboard need high-quality blades for the best cutting results. Our expertly made slitting knives can create slits in these materials while keeping their edge.

Food and meats: Slitting knives can slice and score a variety of food products. We can develop custom blades for applications like meat slicing and processing.

Foil and film: Our precision slitting blades have the sharpness needed to smoothly slit foil. You can also request a custom blade for slitting other delicate materials like film.

Textiles: Fabric requires a sturdy blade that retains its edge throughout regular cutting operations. Our team develops custom slitting blades for textiles that achieve the cuts you need.

Plastics: We can design slitting knives suitable for plastics of various thicknesses and compositions. Their sharpness and durability allow you to work with a wide range of synthetic materials.

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