Mini Excavator Parts: OEM Rubber Products from Elasto Proxy Full-time Job

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Mini Excavator Parts: OEM Rubber Products from Elasto Proxy

Mini excavator parts from Elasto Proxy are industrial rubber products for sealing and insulation. They are designed for compact or mini excavators, tracked or wheeled vehicles that can weigh up to 20,000 lbs. and are used in construction, landscaping, hole digging, pipe trenching, and snow removal. Unlike standard excavators, compact excavators can fit into smaller spaces and are easier to transport.

The mini excavator parts that original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) can buy from Elasto Proxy include:

Door gaskets

Window seals


Floor mats

Firewall insulation

Silicone hoses and connectors

Other molded rubber and plastic parts

OEMs who partner with Elasto Proxy can buy mini excavator parts in low-to-medium volumes and benefit from of our value-added services. For example, Elasto Proxy can ship door seals on demand or according your sales forecast. With our kitting and assembling packaging, we can also deliver all of the rubber parts that you need for a build in the parts’ order of assembly.

Mini Excavator Cabin Parts

Door and window gaskets for mini excavators need to provide environmental sealing and sound reduction. Rubber seals that admit wind, water, dirt, and outside temperatures are ineffective, but so are gaskets that don’t reduce noise. If you’ve been cutting and bonding lengths of rubber in-house, ask Elasto Proxy how outsourced rubber fabrication can also help you to reduce labor costs and material waste.

For example, if a worker cuts a profile incorrectly, the mis-cut probably winds up in the trash. Asking a higher-paid employee such as a welder to cut and bond rubber adds excessive labor costs. Attaching gaskets with hand tools or messy liquid adhesives extends assembly times. Outsourced fabrication that’s combined with gasket taping, kitting, parts marking, and custom packaging can add value instead.

In addition to door seals and window gaskets, Elasto Proxy makes acoustic insulation such as headliners for mini excavators. Elasto Proxy can supply you with headliners in the colors and sizes that you need, and with pre-cut openings for fasteners. With our water jet cutting services, you won’t have to pay for or wait for tooling either. If you need molded parts, we can source these for you, too.

Mini Excavator Engine Parts

Mini excavator parts from Elasto Proxy include thermal-acoustic insulation that keeps heat and noise in the engine bay from reaching the cabin where the operator sits. Thermal insulation protects the cab from high temperatures that can cause driver discomfort and damage electronics. Acoustic insulation dampens sound-induced vibrations that can loosen fasteners and harm human hearing.

Thermal-acoustic insulation can provide mini excavator manufacturers with a complete solution. It consists of specialized materials that are assembled into a sandwich-like structure. The top layer is an aluminum facing or metallized Mylar that’s laminated to an elastomeric foam. This facing reflects radiant heat and withstands water and engine oil.

The middle of this insulation sandwich consists of a layer of hard rubber that stops loud engine sounds and a layer of acoustic foam for additional sound absorption. The bottom layer uses a pressure-sensitive adhesive with a removable liner. Taped insulation installs easily and eliminates the health and safety concerns of adhesive spraying.

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