Hydraulic guillotine shears V.S Swing beam shears Full-time Job

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Hydraulic guillotine shears V.S Swing beam shears

We are always confused by a question that why hydraulic shearing machines are divided into swing beam shear and guillotine shear.why we say hydraulic guillotine shear is upgraded version of hydraulic swing beam shear.compared with the hydraulic swing beam shear,what are the advantages of hydraulic guillotine shear ?

Firstly we lists the key differences between QC12 series swing beam shear and QC11 series hydraulic guillotine shear:

Blade carrier cutting movement

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears: – Unipivot supportlever principle;Do arc-shaped curvilinear motion around the rear fulcrum.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears: – Three-point support rolling guideLower eccentric shaft, front support shaftupper eccentric shaft; Do linear vertical motion.

Blade style:

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears: – Top blade in prismatic shapecan only use two bevel angle cutting edge;Lower blade in rectangular shapefour cutting edge can be used.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears: – Both upper and lower blade are in rectangular shape;–All four cutting edge can be used.

Cutting angle adjustment:

Hydraulic Swing Beam Shears: – Fixed cutting angle and blade carrier angle;Can only cut in specific angle whatever the thickness of the plate.

Hydraulic Guillotine Shears: – Adjustable cutting angle, different cutting angles are applied for cutting plate with different thickness.Adopt smaller cutting angle can effectively reduce the distortion of sheet metal, and increase cutting speed;Can also increase the shear angle to increase the shear force.

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