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Newborns are best protected when travelling by a Newborn Baby Car Seat approved from birth (Group 0), that is specifically designed for the unique and delicate postural needs of a newborn, with adequate recline and padding.

Using an infant car seat is the first step towards keeping your baby safe in the car. Correctly installing it and strapping your baby in securely is equally important. Even if you buy the safest possible car seat for your baby, if it's not fitted or used correctly, it won't be able to perform as it was designed in a crash.

The first time that you buckle your baby into the Group 0+ Car Seat will be when you are being discharged home from hospital. Read our guide below so that you are well prepared for your baby’s first journey home.

Here are some important facts and steps to ensure you keep your baby as safe as possible while travelling in the car.



The best way to ensure that you use your car seat correctly is to read the manual! The manual contains vital information that you need to be aware of in order for the car seat to perform optimally in a crash. The manual will advise where the car seat may be installed in the car and it will instruct you on how to install it correctly. It will also tell you how to adjust the car seat to fit your baby properly. Do not improvise or go against anything stated in the manual. Most European manufacturers do not allow any kind of adjustments or additions such as using a pool noodle to recline it, so be careful not to do anything that is not explicitly stated in the manual.

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