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How to start paper plate making company business

Disposable paper plate making business are the demand of the day for the Food & Beverage industries. Whether it’s a School Canteen, a vendor selling food on the train, or an anniversary party, plastic plates can be easily seen being used. Unlike plastic plates, these are eco-friendly and bio-degradable waste, therefore, preferred over other plates among most of the environment-conscious & developed countries. So paper plate business covers the Indian market as well as other developed countries’ market.


Double die Press paper plate machine cost

Depending upon the type of paper plate making machine, whether fully automatic or semi-automatic, and type of dies used.The cost of Fully automatic Hydraulic paper plate machine ranges between INR 97,000 to 5 lakhs.

New tests by BEUC, the European Consumer Organisation, claim to show that food packaging made of coloured paper and cardboard may contain and release chemicals originating from the inks used for printing.

The claims come amid an ongoing shift from plastic to paper packaging for a range of products.

Paper is the second most used food packaging material after plastics and used for items like coffee cups and straws. But, unlike plastics, there are no EU rules governing paper’s use as a “food contact” material.

With single-use plastics set to be banned in the EU from 2021, the BEUC tests have raised safety concerns over some alternatives like paper. The group says the results show the need for EU-wide laws regulating the use and safety of all paper and cardboard food packaging.

In the tests, BEUC analysed 76 samples of printed paper food container or board food packaging, such as coffee cups, paper straws, printed napkins and grocery products.

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