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Best tufting machines and what you need to know

An improved carpet tufting machine with a precision drive system for laterally shifting the reciprocating needle bars of the tufting machine across a tufting zone in which tufts of yarn are made in a backing material advanced through the machine beneath the needle bars is disclosed. The precision drive system includes the use of inverse roller screw actuators which may be adapted for driving the several moving components of the tufting machine, to include not only the shifting of the needle bars, but also to reciprocate the needle bars toward and away from the tufting zone, rock the loopers and or knives of the machine, and to laterally shift the backing material in which the tufts of yarn are made with respect to the needles as the backing material advances through the tufting machine.


plain cut or plain loop tufting machine with an improved pattern yarn feed and distribution device for use in tufting a graphic pattern into the face of a tufted article. An improved pattern yarn feed drive is provided with at least two separate yarn drive control sections which together provide an increased number of controls such that any one control is adapted to drive a predetermined number of tufting yarns selectively passed thereabout for minimizing the length between any one of the tufting yarns and its respective tufting needle. An improved tube bank configuration is used with the pattern yarn drive assembly, and comprises at least two tube bank sections, each of which is also constructed and arranged to minimize the length of the yarns passed therethrough from a respective one of the yarn drive controls to a respective one of the tufting needles. This improved construction minimizes the problems of yarn elasticity and yarn lag when feeding the yarns to the needles of the tufting machine, thus greatly reducing the likelihood of a loss of pattern definition occurring in the graphic pattern being tufted in the face of the tufted article on the tufting machine.


Rug tufting is a unique art in that you can create enormous works with relatively few materials. Once you’ve invested in a good tufting gun, you’ve got nearly everything you need to start tufting!


The problem is, choosing the right tufting gun is difficult. Amazon and other retailers are filled with cheap knock-off tufting guns that break down after your first few rugs.


To help you choose the right tufting gun for you, I put together this comprehensive buyer’s guide. First we’ll cover a few key details you need to know, then we’ll have a look at the best tufting guns, where to buy, and more.


If you’re just looking for a quick recommendation, check out any of the models listed below. They won’t do you wrong!


A tufting gun is a handheld FRS tufting machine used to make rugs. It’s much faster than manual methods like latch hook or punch needle, but a step down from industrial tufting machines for carpet.


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