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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ball Valves

Ball Valve plays a vital role in daily life as they are used day to day basis, say it from bicycles or automobiles, jet airplanes or any industry. There are different sizes and shapes of valves and each has various dimensions, functions and applications to it.

The industry has numerous use of the Ball valves and in order to ensure that these valves remains functional during the operation, it is safe to maintain it before it gets corroded away. Regular cleaning and lubrication to ensure the smooth functionality is key to their life span.
These valves are categorized into five general bodies which includes three piece bodies, two piece bodies ,single body top entry, a split body and welded. The following qualities make them an excellent choice for controlling various applications and sometimes they are preferred over any other valves which has less control in the throttling applications.

Advantages Of Ball Valves

  • They provide leak-proof service,

  • Open and close quickly,

  • Compared to gate valves, they have very small dimensions,

  • Compared to gate valves, they are lighter,

  • The multi designed flexibility does not exist in the Gate or Globe valve, and hence it lowers the amount of valves needed,

  • These valves are manufactured in different sizes and shapes providing flexibility in selection,

  • The high quality valves provide safe service under high temperature and high pressure conditions, and

  • Compared to other valves, they are controlled with less force.

The main disadvantages of these valves are as follows:

  • The position of the valve handle is rotated,

  • Could not be used for throttling, and

  • These valves with drive mechanism should be installed upright.

At Boson Engineers, we have a wide range of valves that are manufactured according to customers specific needs which includes the ball valves that are designed using the latest technology and is suitable for crucial operations. Our valves are easily accessible and can be maintained easily with low maintenance cost, high quality and are resistant to corrosion.

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